This mechanic likely did not use a torque wrench instead of a lug tool or bang gun. With sufficient muscle power, OSIAS 60mm M12X1.5 Wheel Lug Nuts can be appropriately tightened with a basic lug wrench, which could take the form of an L or a cross.

With the assistance of an effective gun, which makes use of liquid oxygen and a hammering effect, the lug nuts can be secured in a manner that is both speedy and noisy. Because of the force of an impact cannon, it is simply too over-tightened. A kit is a tool that assesses the amount of tightening power and assists the user in conforming to the standards established by the manufacturer.

When Is The Appropriate Time To Screw The Lug Nuts Onto The Wheels?

You need to give the lug nuts two separate tightening if you want them to remain in place. When you initially go to tighten your lug nuts, you should do so while your vehicle is still in the air before you drop it down to the ground. The alignment of the wheels ensures that the vehicle is stable and corrects any misalignment. The process must be carried out once more after the vehicle has been lowered to the ground and removed from the supports provided by the jack.

This time, you’ll need to use a torque wrench to ensure they are sufficiently tightened. You shouldn’t fully compress the wheels while the car is elevated because doing so requires an entirely different process from adjusting the brake pads, and therefore you shouldn’t do it.

Those lug nuts shouldn’t have excessive force applied to them, either. Even though it can appear to be a wonderful idea, over-tightening the lug nuts can result in various difficulties, one of which is shattered wheel studs.

Can Tight Lug Nuts Result in a Secure Ride?

Wheels can be regularly tightened to improve the ride’s overall level of safety. If you maintain the correct tightness in your wheel lug nuts, one’s tires will last significantly longer. This is an added plus. If you tighten your wheel nuts mostly in the correct pattern, you can be sure that all four wheels will now be properly secured. This will improve your vehicle’s handling and performance when it is being driven on the road.

When changing tires, skipping this step would be a mistake because it is an essential part of the process. Last but not least, after a drive of fifty to one hundred miles, you should inspect your lug nuts since it’s highly possible that they will have become somewhat looser, and you wish for no unfortunate events to occur.


A torque wrench is now a tool that assesses the tightening power and assists the user in conforming to the standards established by the manufacturer. And I saw whether your lug nuts are being tightened by hand. I probably wouldn’t be particularly concerned about it. If an impact gun was used instead of a torque stick, it is highly recommended that the lug nuts be double-checked to ensure proper tightening.

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