A vape device is a vibe! Gone are the days of cigarette smoking, which was unethical in social settings. The minimalistic approach and the concept of transformation have penetrated deep enough. You can clearly see the impact of these concepts overall. Vape devices, for instance, are one of them.

A vape device is a tiny, hand-held device that brings concentrated flavor and bigger smoke clouds to your mouth. While giving you the smoking charm, it meanwhile tantalizes your taste buds with your favorite flavor.

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What is UWELL and its Vape Series?

UWELL is the flag bearer in the modern vape world. UWELL, the company, has entirely changed the concept of smoking by introducing a whole range of vapes. The range includes series like Caliburn, Crown, Valyrian, And Nunchaku. These devices are the trademark of convenience, economy, and durability. Let’s explore each of them.


The Caliburn series features a number of products like Caliburn A3, Caliburn X, Caliburn A2s, Caliburn Gk 2, Caliburn G, Caliburn G2, Caliburn Ak 2, Caliburn A2, Caliburn Koko, Caliburn Koko Prime, And Caliburn.

Each of the CALIBURN products exhibits unique qualities and features, which makes it harder for customers to select one. Their overall features are hard to cover in a single blog post; however, the crux of the features is;

  • The eye-catching designs
  • Compact body
  • OLED screens
  • The automatic ignition detection system
  • Airflow adjustment functions
  • Double drawing ways
  • Refilling Pods
  • Compatible mesh coils
  • Liquid-check window
  • Magnetic cartridge
  • C-Type port


The VALYRIAN series, like Caliburn, is over-the-top too. The line of products contains masterpieces like VALYRIAN pod and VALYRIAN SE pod.

Besides these devices, the VALYRIAN series also offers tanks and mod kit.

Most products are laced with multiple batteries, tanks compatible with four coils, PRO-FOCS technology, progressive self-cleaning technology, and the C-Type port for fast and brilliant charging.

CROWN Series

Another worth-mentioning series by UWELL is the Crown. The products adorning the Crown series are Crown pod, Crown D, Crown V mod, CROWN V TANK and CROWN IV TANK.

UWELL has maintained the tradition of introducing new features in each of its series. For instance, the Crown tank was the first of its type regarding high-precision processing. Keeping on with the trend, the products in the CROWN series can produce bigger clouds and sustained taste.


Unlike others, the NUNCHAKU series is not that large. It contains two products named Nunchaku and Nunchaku 2. Nunchaku is the product that UWELL proudly represented as the first tube-style vape. Nunchaku is known as an intelligent vape where innovation has been taken a step ahead. The tilting and swinging kit is surely a worth-seeing site.


This blog post is of great value to vapers. We have put an end to your research by thoroughly presenting you the par-excellence products with impeccable features and long life. Try the products from different series, and you will be awe-struck by the diversity each series offers you.


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