The previous several years have taught us how many germs, bacteria, and bugs are present on every surface and in everything we come in contact with. Never in history have we been so conscious of cleanliness and hygiene, from washing our hands to making sure that whatever we put near our lips and faces is hygienic and clean, including our makeup and, more specifically, our makeup bag.

When was the last time you cleaned your makeup bag?

Cleaning a Makeup Bag

Purge your bag. Check the expiration date on your products, and throw away anything that has passed it. We cannot emphasize this enough. To help you determine how long to keep cosmetics and how to check their packaging for expiration dates, as well as how long they can remain in your makeup bag before getting contaminated, we’ve produced a simple makeup expiration chart. See the instructions in this blog’s post below.

Reverse the Interior of Your Makeup Bag

When it comes to optimum hygiene standards, keeping the inside of the bag spotless is more crucial than the outside, and turning it inside out is the best method to reach all of its crevices. Just be aware that it’s simple to crease the exterior fabric when you do this. The remainder of this piece has a brilliant crease-busting tip.

Scrub the Interior

It’s crucial to remove any dirt and expired makeup that may have accrued there over time because Victoria Green cosmetic bags all have lined seams that ensure spills stay inside the makeup bag rather than all over the contents of your handbag. The easiest method to do this is to just use a fresh, dry toothbrush to get into all the corners (thanks to Helen S for sharing this fantastic idea in our comments!). Then use a cotton wool pad dipped in eye makeup remover to wipe away any accumulated makeup smudges and streaks.

How to make a makeup bag cleaner

Now that the interior of your makeup bag is spotless, let’s get rid of those pesky germs. Any antibacterial household spray will do as long as it doesn’t contain chlorine, which will harm your makeup bag. This is all you’ll need. Simply spritz it on, then work a dry cloth into the corners. All that’s left to do is let it dry, ideally overnight.

Keep it consistent

Your greatest makeup brushes should work just fine if it’s good enough for a baby! Baby shampoo is ideal because it’s gentle enough to put on brush bristles, but anybody or hair wash will work. Remember that you will be using these instruments on your face, so whatever detergent you choose should be delicate enough for your skin. Resist the temptation to use a household detergent.

Give your brushes a few minutes to soak in a sink full of soapy water. Make sure to massage each brush to remove any product buildup. Once the water is clear, drain the sink and keep rinsing each brush under the faucet. Getting ready to go back into a clean makeup bag after being washed

Airing out your cosmetic tools

The brushes must then be dried. This is essential for keeping your brushes in good condition. In order to prevent water from seeping into the handle and ruining it, makeup artists advise drying brushes upside down, but I’ve found that setting them on a clean, dry towel on top of a radiator works just as well.

The way your makeup brushes are cleaned will have a significant impact on how clean your makeup bag is. If you’re going to put dirty goods in your clean makeup bag, there’s no use in having one! It’s time to organize and repack your clean makeup bag.

It’s time for our favorite part, getting organized, now that you have cleansed and sanitized your makeup and wash bag and organized your beauty supplies. Also, don’t forget your cosmetics! To keep them sanitized, antibacterial spray and a soft cloth should be sprayed over eyelash curlers and tweezers.

General Information

For information on how to buy visit canvas makeup bag. To keep your beauty brushes as clean as possible, store them separately from your cosmetics. You might spend money on cosmetic bags with compartments that let you organize or store them in distinct, transparent containers.

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