Have you ever questioned why so many people enjoy using electric scooters to travel from one location to another? Did you think about electric scooters? How fast do they go? Several factors contribute to this mode of transportation being a favorite of many.

The answer to this question is critical because different scooters have different speed levels. But can you increase the speed of your electric scooter? The answer is yes. There are some tips to improve the speed of your electric scooter.

In this article, we will discuss tips to improve the speed of your scooter.

Tips to improve the speed of Electric scooters

Here are the essential tips to enhance the speed of your electric scooter;

Stay charged

The first and foremost tip to increase the speed of your electric scooter is its charging. The voltage of a battery rises with the state of charge. A DC motor’s speed relies only on voltage. Thus, greater voltages result in faster speeds.

You’ll naturally move faster if your battery is charged higher. So, the setting is essential to improve its speed of it.

Changes Battery with a greater Voltage

The voltage of your battery is the second most important thing to increase the speed of the e-scooter. The quickest approach to increase your speed is to utilize a higher-voltage battery because motor speed is very voltage-dependent.

Adding a Second Battery

Have you ever noticed that your scooter frequently moves faster at the beginning of the voyage than it does throughout it? because you may add another battery to it. When the machine’s battery is running low, this occurs. It is a routine procedure.

Simple battery addition will allow you to maintain a higher scooter speed for an extended period. Even some scooter models have a place for an additional battery.

Lighten the Burden (risk-free)

The burden decreases the haste of your electric scooter. Physics dictates that your scooter can go more quickly the less weight it has to pull. If you lose weight, you should be able to move at a higher speed.

Another word of advice: never put your safety at risk by taking off your helmet or other safety equipment. Once more, not worthwhile and of limited benefit.

Upgrade the Controller

If your controller is the bottleneck, consider upgrading it (modifying it). If people upgrade their controllers, they get the best speed of their electric scooters.

When the controller cannot tolerate a higher voltage and is the speed bottleneck, but the motor can, then this is the appropriate course of action.

People purchase aftermarket controllers, install them in place of the original one, or install both outside of the frame and switch between them using homemade software.

Wind the Motor again

The last thing to increase the haste of your e-scooter is rewinding the motor. Rewinding your electric scooter’s engine should be your initial step.

Last words

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