The process of choosing bridesmaid dresses may be stressful to many. In the market, you will find thousands of gorgeous dresses. Therefore, choosing the perfect ones may seem like a daunting task. Some, like the rose gold bridesmaid dresses, come in different designs. Thus, choosing the right design for your bridesmaid may also seem confusing. Therefore, this article will lead you to the dresses currently trending in the market.

1. Mismatch gowns

One of the leading bridesmaid dresses involves mixing and matching the gowns. It means that you can choose to have the dresses in one color but different designs. For example, you can choose the rose gold dresses but have each bridesmaid wear different designs. The mix and match trend will ensure that your wedding party looks incredible.

2. One-shoulder bridesmaid dresses

The one-shoulder dress trend has been in existence for so long. It is usually the to-go dress for most brides. The latest trend in the one-shoulder design is its asymmetrical nature. Furthermore, some of the dresses have a flower design on the shoulder. With the one-shoulder design, you can choose to have the same design for all your bridesmaid. Also, you can ask the bridesmaid to select the design of their shoes to match.

3. Off-shoulder dresses

Off-shoulder dresses are also among the trending dresses for a bridal party. The dresses come in various designs, such as a ruffle neckline. Furthermore, the best off-shoulder dress is usually one that is floor length. The dress will show off your bridesmaid’s shoulders. Moreover, it will ensure that they all look gorgeous.

4. Mermaid bridesmaid dresses

Mermaid dresses are trendy for weddings. They are feminine and sleek. The dress’s design follows one’s figure and fits one’s curves snuggly. But it flares below or at the knee, thus developing an exquisite mermaid tail. If you choose to go with the mermaid dress, you can add sophisticated designs, like a bareback. In addition, if you have short bridesmaids, the dress can help to add length to their form. Thus, the mermaid dress is a perfect choice to consider.

5. Sassy and short dresses

Traditionally, most bridesmaids wore long-length dresses. But, the current trend ensures that you can choose short dresses for them. Furthermore, you can choose a blush shade to go with the dress. It will ensure that all your bridesmaids look fantastic. For the short dresses, you can choose to include strapless, off-shoulder, or one-shoulder designs.

6. Sequin bridesmaid dresses

The sequin dresses are very trendy; their popularity results from the shiny nature of the dress. In addition, the dress is fantastic looking. Therefore, if you are looking for fabulous dresses, ensure to consider those made from sequin. The dresses will ensure that all your bridesmaids look fabulous, no matter their body shape.

7. Princess dress

For your maid of honor, the princess dress can be perfect. The dress consists of a fitting upper body and garments fixed on the waistline. Thus, it has a fit upper body and a free-flowing lower body.


Choosing bridesmaid dresses can be a stressful time for most brides. Therefore, it is essential to know the trending dresses available in the market. The above dresses will help guide you on what to pick for your big day.

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