If you have a small bathroom, you know the difficulty of fitting everything in. The area is valuable and comfortable without cluttering (check out our storage tips). Small bathrooms can be pretty tricky to clean without running into obstructions.

Making the most of every square inch of space is the challenge, and adding a walk-in shower is one of the most acceptable ways to achieve so.

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Things to Consider Before Starting Installation

Before putting a bath and a shower in a small bathroom, bear these things in mind:

· Type of Shower

The type of shower and tub you want for your bathroom must be considered first. A combination of shower and bath, which is excellent for tiny areas, might be something to think about.

· Think about Simple to Use

Before beginning the modifications, prioritize functionality over all other considerations. While aesthetics are important, you also want your bathroom to be simple and have easy access to the bath and shower.

· Account the Total Square Footage of your Bathroom

Before purchasing a new bath or shower, always take into account the total square footage of your bathroom.

Tips to Install A Shower in Small Bathroom

· Discover Hidden Areas

Is the stairwell next to your basement restroom? If that’s the case, you could take down the wall and make the bathroom larger by adding a space beneath the stairs.

· Do away with linen closets in bathrooms

If your bathroom has a linen closet, you can get rid of it to free up more area. Before you disregard my advice, think about all the priceless wall space that is wasted.

· The shower and tub can be combined in one area

Placement of the shower and tub in the same area is one current design trend. In other words, even though you place the tub within the shower, the two components remain as distinct, independent units.

· Enhance Comfort

If you prefer showers to baths, like the majority of people do, you’ll adore a walk-in shower, especially if it has many shower heads and a cozy seat for you to sit on while you wash your feet or (if you’re a lady) shave your legs!


Now that you know about the different types of showers and tubs available, as well as how to combine them in one space, it’s time to start planning your new bathroom! Remember to keep functionality in mind throughout the process, and don’t be afraid to get creative with your design. With these tips, you’re sure to end up with a beautiful and practical space that you’ll love for years to come.

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